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Matt and Dennis Baker 

Baker Farms Lead Reclamation is a Family Owned and Operated Business based in Central Illinois.

Call or Email us.
We would love to visit your range and discuss a lead recovery program for your gun club.

Dennis    217-710-2585
Matt        217-710-2583


Let us turn your lead
into Cash

The Scope of our work includes Reclaiming Lead Shot and Bullets from Shooting Ranges, including Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Rifle and Pistol Ranges.

We provide all necessary steps in reclaiming your Club's Lead and provide the cleanest product available.

No out of pocket expense to your club

Lead shot revenue is split between the club and the miner. The percentage is based on the complexity of recovery and the quality and volume of lead shot.

Our advanced methods and equipment mean more lead recovered

We are small club friendly, but able to to handle the largest clubs

Gun Club References available upon request
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